Polio , Club Foot or CTEV, Cerebral Palsy, Congenital Deformities, Non Union & Mal Union, Compound Fracture

Traumatic Deformities

Traumatic Deformities : Trauma can very well be managed with ilizarov and hexapod.

Deformities due to mal-union and non-union leading to angulation, translation, shortening, rotation of the bone fragments can very well be managed with the help of ilizarov and hexapod.

Successfully Treated Traumatic Deformities

  • Deformity ,Shortening Limb

    Lower limb was shorten and gait was unstable, watch successfully treatment by Dr. Suresh Bhola...
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  • Infection and Non-Union

    Story of 45 yrs. of male who met with an accident one and a half year and came to Bhola Hospital...
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  • Deformity Due to Malunion

    20 yrs. boy 7 times operated for Leg-Plating, Nailing, Ilizarov
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Few Successfully Treated Deformities

  • Testimonials

    #I am alright now and not falling while walking. I can walk longer distances. I am thankful to Dr. Suresh Bhola. Anybody who is suffering from Polio, should at least once show himself to Dr. Bhola Click Here
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    #Dr. Bhola's visit to conduct a Workshop on Ilizarov in Sri Lanka on 21st-22nd June 2014. View All