Polio , Club Foot or CTEV, Cerebral Palsy, Congenital Deformities, Non Union & Mal Union, Compound Fracture

Polio Treatment

Millions of people are suffering from Post Polio Deformities. These deformities can be corrected by famous Ilizarov method of surgery. The latest trend is to use SUV - Advanced Software Based HEXAPOD FRAME to treat Polio and CP. The patients are psychologically motivated and they become friendly with the apparatus.

Common deformities in Polio patients and benefits of correction :-

  • People walking with hands on their thigh - If they don't keep the hand on their thigh, they fall down. After ILIZAROV treatment they can walk without hand on their thigh and without Calipers.
  • People with shortened polio-tic limbs - The shortened limb can be lengthened.
  • People with their heels lifted from the ground while walking - After treatment heels start touching the ground and patient can walk for longer distances with less energy.
  • Hanging Limb - Many patients who haven't touched the ground while walking, can walk on the concerned limb.
  • Deformed and small feet can also be corrected with ILIZAROV.
  • Lurch (Jhatka) while walking. After operation, this can also be corrected.
  • Shorten Leg - Some patients have thin leg, which can be shaped or their girth can be increased.
  • The circulation of blood is increased after operation in the involved limb. The girth of leg also improves.
  • Most patients can get rid of Calipers and sticks.
  • Some patients who have frequent falls prior to surgery, can also be well managed.

    For last 12 years people from all over India and Abroad are being operated at (PDCC) BHOLA Hospital and getting benefited.

Few Polio Cases
Successfully Treated by Ilizarov and SUV Hexapod


    One of best ever benefits she got after operation, and you can see proof in a video with comments. She seems 100% normal with proof inside the video.
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  • Benefits Of Polio Treatment

    Amit Kumar from Ghaziabad, who was affected by the Polio in the age of 1 year. Due to age problems were increasing. After operation have a look his comments.
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  • Polio Treatment ,Post Polio Syndrome,hand thigh gait

    Cooments after surgery and before suffering with Polio syndrom, hand thigh gait
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  • Polio Treatment in the Age of 40+

    Numerous benefits after surgery in Polio, could not walk more than 5-6 steps have a look tremendous change after operation.
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  • Polio Treatment with Hexapod & Illizarov

    Suffering with polio since childhood (age of 4). Many doctors refused to attend Polio cases. Have a look period of Operation
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    The shortened limb can be lengthened & deformed small feet can be corrected also heels start touching the ground with ILIZAROV Technique in Polio
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  • Polio Treatment ,Benefits to A Patient undergoing treatment

    Lurch can be corrected while walking have a look after operation during undergoing operation period
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    Amazing results are produced after the polio operation with Illizarov technology.
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  • ILIZAROV and Computer-Assisted HEXAPOD

    POLIO TREATMENT of a Doctor with ILIZAROV and Computer-Assisted HEXAPOD having Hand Thigh Gait
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  • Polio Treatment of Two Friends

    Polio treatment of two friends with Ilizarov, Computer Assisted Hexapod ,in HINDI,TAMIL,ENGLISH
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  • Best Polio Surgery

    Best Polio Surgery- Polio treatment Hospital In India, with Ilizarov, Computerized Hexapod, in Telugu
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  • Polio Surgery and Benefits

    Polio Surgery in one of the North India's Best Hospital, with Ilizarov and Computer Assisted Hexapod
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  • Polio Surgery and Correction

    Polio Surgery, correction with Ilizarov, COMPUTER assisted HEXAPOD
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  • Hanging Limbs

    18 Years old girl, suffering from Polio in right lower limb. She had never touched the ground with the right foot while walking
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  • Good Bye Stick (Poliotic)

    Difficulty in walking with callipers and stick, now it is great success after operation and walking with very ease.
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  • Hand Thigh Gait

    Journey of another polio patient who used to walk with hand on thigh with very difficulty
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  • Hand Thigh Gait

    Story of another adult polio patient, who was suffering from hand thigh Gait and shortening
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  • Hanging Limb

    Polio patient who walking with hanging limb and using stick and after successful operation .......
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  • Frequent Falls

    Limb was bent at knee and short and heel was in the air prior to surgery & frequently falls and couldn't walk for longer distance
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  • Treatment With Ilizarov

    Having very difficulty in walking with hand on thigh with low back ache, also used to fall while walking
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  • Polio Treatment in India with illizarov

    Limb lengthened with illizarov technique and stopped lurching after operation (Visit Our Channel)
  • Polio Treatment Possible

    Walking with hand on thigh and heel never touched ground on time of walking, see amazing results after operation.
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Few Successfully Treated Deformities

  • Testimonials

    #I am alright now and not falling while walking. I can walk longer distances. I am thankful to Dr. Suresh Bhola. Anybody who is suffering from Polio, should at least once show himself to Dr. Bhola Click Here
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    #Dr. Bhola's visit to conduct a Workshop on Ilizarov in Sri Lanka on 21st-22nd June 2014. View All