Polio , Club Foot or CTEV, Cerebral Palsy, Congenital Deformities, Non Union & Mal Union, Compound Fracture

GLIMPSES OF Bhola Hospital

Bhola hospital is ISO certified hospital with modern amenities . Bhola Hospital is designed to give good treatment and patients needs and comfort has been taken care.

PDCC, Bhola Hospital, is one of the best centres in theworld to treat polio and other deformities. PDCC is a part of Bhola Hospital which offers consultation, in-patient and out-patient services. It has:-

  • Well - equipped operation theatre with C Arms.
  • Digital x-rays facility and Mobile X-ray unit - Latest Fuji FCR Prima XL digital and 300 MA       X-ray machine with facility for Full length digital X-Rays.
  • Clinical laboratory.
  • 24 hours power backup (2 Generators of 40 KVA and 62 KVA).
  • Deluxe, private ad semi private rooms
  • In house meal facility
Physiotherapy department is run by qualified MPT and BPT physiotherapists. It is equipped with all latest machines. Gait analysis of the patients, suffering from Post-Polio Deformities and Cerebral Palsy, is done meticulously both Pre and post operatively ,visually. Video recording of Gait is also done.

PDCC has a team of well-trained doctors, staff and ward boys led by Dr. Suresh Bhola. Deformities are treated by minimal invasive techniques using HEXAPOD (COMPUTER ASSISTED SOFTWARE-SUV), Ilizarov method and soft tissue surgery.

Alignment ,full length X- Rays , are done in both planes ,to find out level of deformities and amount of deformities .

So far ,hundreds of patients with polio and other deformities have been successfully treated from India and abroad. Dr. Bhola and his team guide each patient throughout the correction process and take care of their needs to make their stay comfortable.

Virtual Tour of Bhola Hospital

Virtual Tour of Rooms

Few Successfully Treated Deformities

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    #I am alright now and not falling while walking. I can walk longer distances. I am thankful to Dr. Suresh Bhola. Anybody who is suffering from Polio, should at least once show himself to Dr. Bhola Click Here
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