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Club Foot / CTEV

Club Foot / CTEV is a very common birth defect in which one or both feet are deformed. For many years, these were treated with casts which took very long time to cure. Many of these patients ultimately were operated and results of surgery were also not good.

For last few years, new technique by the name of "PONSETI TECHNIQUE" has yielded very good results. Number of plasters is reduced to minimum and the results are very good. Final foot is very supple, soft and flexible.

There is lesser chance of relapse with this technique. We are treating CTEV cases in Bhola Hospital, with PONSETI technique since 2005. Only few doctors are treating CTEV/Club Foot with PONSETI technique. Children up to 7 years of age can be treated with PONSETI.

Patients above the age of 7 and children with relapsed CLUB FOOT are treated with ILIZAROV technique and the results are excellent.

Club Foot / CTEV
Successfully Treated by Ponseti technique
Ilizarov & Hexapod

  • Ponseti Method for CTEV & CLUB FEET

    Foot was deformed at birth and after 5 years, incredible results
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  • By Ponseti Technique

    Foot was deformed at birth and by Ponseti Technique.. see wow! results
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  • CTEV Treatment with Ilizarov

    Before operation walking was with right foot inside with curve deformity, and after operation
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  • Using Ilizarov, HEXAPOD, SUV

    Both Feet were deformed, heel never ever touched the ground before operation but after operation stunning results generated
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Few Successfully Treated Deformities

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    #I am alright now and not falling while walking. I can walk longer distances. I am thankful to Dr. Suresh Bhola. Anybody who is suffering from Polio, should at least once show himself to Dr. Bhola Click Here
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