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Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is caused by damage to a developing brain. It can occur during child birth or even after birth. This results in weakness in upper limbs, lower limbs and sometimes affects the ability to speak. Muscles start malfunctioning; some of them become hyperactive while others may become sluggish. They are not able to interpret commands from brain and their co-ordination with other muscle groups is lost. There is development of contracture of some muscles & joints of upper and lower limbs. As a result, patients suffer from improper body movements and not able to walk properly. Their gait is altered.

Major Deformities in Cerebral Palsy :-
  • Improper Body Movements & Scissoring
  • Crouch Gait
  • Walking on Toes - Equinus
  • CLAW Hand
  • Flexion Deformity of Knee


Cerebral Palsy patients can be treated by Physiotherapy initially and if it fails surgery is performed. This surgery is done with and without ILIZAROV. The results of surgery with ILIZAROV are better as compared to soft tissue surgery. Prof. Ustiantsev a Russian, who is an expert in the treatment of Cerebral Palsy, has put forward a theory "OVERSTRESS TO DE STRESS", to treat these patients. According to him, whenever these patients are treated with ILIZAROV, there is definite improvement in the functioning of brain.

Whenever we treat these patients with ILIZAROV we observe:

  • There is improvement in gait of patients.
  • Crouch Gait & scissoring can be corrected & patient is able to walk.
  • In claw Hand upper limb are in a typical position & these patients cannot use their upper limb properly. This can be considerable improved.
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  • Dribbling of saliva while eating food decreases.
  • Stammering improves.
  • Stuttering improves has also decreased.
  • Mental alertness of the patient increases.

In PDCC Polio and CP is treated with soft tissues surgery SUV (advanced software based HEXAPOD FRAME) along with Ilizarov. The patients are psychologically motivated and their personality changes. People from all over India are getting benefit of Surgery at PDCC.

Cerebral Palsy
Successfully Treated by Ilizarov and Non Ilizarov Methods

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Few Successfully Treated Deformities

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