Polio , Club Foot or CTEV, Cerebral Palsy, Congenital Deformities, Non Union & Mal Union, Compound Fracture

Adult Foot Deformities

The foot might be in severe equinus due to infection or other causes and patient might find great difficulty in walking. Such feet can be very well aligned with the help of ilizarov and hexapod.

Adult Foot Deformities
Successfully Treated by Ilizarov and Non Ilizarov Methods

  • Using Ilizarov, HEXAPOD, SUV

    Both Feet were deformed, heel never ever touched the ground before operation but after operation stunning results generated
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  • Adult Foot Deformity

    Story about 15 years old boy CH Ostemoyelitis leg with equinus leg and watch amazing leg after operationg....
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Few Successfully Treated Deformities

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    #I am alright now and not falling while walking. I can walk longer distances. I am thankful to Dr. Suresh Bhola. Anybody who is suffering from Polio, should at least once show himself to Dr. Bhola Click Here
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